Competition Winners & Recent Demonstrations

At each demonstration Chandlers Ford Art Group members can enter a monthly competition.
The demonstrator is asked to judge the competition and a small prize is awarded. Pictures do not have to be framed.
Demonstrations 2018

January 2019 demonstration was by Julia Cassells who painted a lovely painting of flamingos using water colours.
Julia Cassells- Demo Jan 2019

Susie James - Demo winner Jan 2019

The competition theme was Wildlife/ Animals. Susie James was judged by Julia as the winner.

November 2018 demonstration was by Trevor Vaugh who did a wonderful and very entertaining demonstration in water colour. His subject was Venice and he concentrated on quick, 'loose' brush strokes to demonstrate painting people and groups of people.

Trevor Waugh- Demo Nov 2018

We had two competition themes this month as last month's demo was cancelled.

Figures- Ann Schefer was judged by Trevor as the winner and
Seascape- Gill Evattwas judged by Trevor as the winner.

Choir Boys
Beach scene- demo winner 2018

October 2018 demonstration was cancelled

September 2018 demonstration was by Colin Brown who demonstrated a wonderful vibrant painting of Stour Head in acrylic paints.

Colin Brown - demo Sept 2018

The competition theme was Landscape. Richard Cook was judged by Colin as the winner.

Richard Cook - Sept 2018 winner

July 2018 demonstration was by Judy Tate who demonstrated a lovely free painting of Alliums using soft pastels and an acrylic ink under painting.

Alliums- Judt Tate- July 2018

The competition theme was Still Life. Wendy Hayward was judged by Judy as the winner.

Still Life

June 2018 demonstration was by Lynn Friel on preparing for an exhibition. A wonderful interactional and friendly demonstration.
The competition theme was Summer. Jocelyn Halfpenny was judged by Lynn as the winner.

April 2018 demonstration was by Ronnie Ireland. It was on the subject of Painting with an Open Mind. Ronnie did a wonderful demonstration in acrylic with big brushes of a seated woman with another figure across her lap. He painted very freely and his only thoughts were that the painting should show caring. It was very inspiring!

Ronnie Ireland- Half time
Ronnie Ireland , Demonstration, April 2018

Ronnie Ireland , Demonstration, April 2018

The competition theme was Street Scene. Mike Brown was judged by Ronnie as the winner.
Street Scene- Winner April 2018- Mike Brown

March 2018 demonstration was by Jake Winkle who did a great demonstration painting Venice in watercolour.
Jake Winkle- demonstration March 2018

The competition theme was Spring. Susie James was judged by Jake as the winner.
Susie- winner March 2018

February 2018 a very interesting discussion was by Helen Talbot. She talked about different ways to describe a subject.
The competition theme was Skyscape. Tony Eaton was judged by Helen as the winner.
Mrkan, Cavtat, Croatia

January 2018 demonstration was by Lynne Davis who did a wonderful demonstration painting a sheep!
Demonstration- Lynne Davis - sheep

The competition theme was Landscape. Ruth Lewis was judged by Lynne as the winner.
Ruth Lewis- winner Jan 2018- sheep