Archive of Summer Exhib Awards

The People's Choice- The Dennis Olds Trophy- (up to 2017)
The Trophy was awarded to the person whose painting was voted the best in show by the public at the Summer Exhibition.
The Dennis Old's Trophy was donated by our previous group president Vera Olds in memory of her husband, a long standing and valued member of the group.

The 2017 Trophy winner was Sue Bowery for her wonderful water colour painting

Winner Of the People's choice 2017

The 2016 Trophy winner was Barry Davis for his painting- Harbour Scene

Harbour Scene- 2nd Prize- Summer Exhibition 2016

The 2015 Trophy winner was Carolyn Robinson for her painting- Light 1

Light 1

The 2014 Trophy winner was Barry Fry for his painting- Itchen Meadow - Shawford

Itchen Meadow, Shawford

The 2013 Trophy winner was Sally Gooden for her painting- Power Shower

Power Shower

Also a judge is invited each year to make awards.

2017 - Awards

1st Prize - Carolyn Robinson for The Estuary

2nd Prize -Barry Fry for Langdale

3rd Prize- key [725589] doesn't existMichael O'Donnell for key [15797782] doesn't existStarman

Highly Commended- Betty Cook for Tortoiseshell

Highly Commended- Hilary Cook for Fields

Highly Commended- Sue Evans for Through the Trees, Longdown

Highly commended - Jess Knowles for Dolly Chutney

2016 - Awards

1st Prize - Carolyn Robinson for key [ 15179768] doesn't existSpring Rock Pool

2nd Prize - key [705373] doesn't existBarry Davis For [link type="Image" id="15129239"]Harbour Scene[/link]

3rd Prize- Eileen Mc Geown For key [14031470] doesn't existFresh

Highly Commended- Angela Chambers for Going Home

Highly Commended- Hilary Cook for key [14852615] doesn't existCottage Garden

Highly commended - Margaret Jenkins for Music at Henley