All Chandlers Ford Art Group activities have been Cancelled until further notice

Archive Workshop Programme


Saturday 20th January 2018
Workshop with Stephen Foster
Abstract landscape in acrylic

Saturday 17th February 2018
Workshop withJoan Scott
Free choice of subject in mixed media and collage

Saturday 24th March 2018
Workshop with Joel Wareing

Saturday 20th October 2018
Workshop with Jem Bowden Direct & Dynamic Watercolour Landscapes

Saturday 17th November 2018
Workshop with Laurence Belbin Reflections in Water - All Media


Saturday 21st January 2017- Gerry Dudgeon- Abstracting the Lanscape

Saturday 18th February- Julie Collin- Freedom in Watercolour- Trees

Saturday 18th March- Lindsey Cole- Landscape in Acrylic Texture

Saturday 21st October 2017
Workshop with Sara Knight
Putting People in your Paintings using different media & subjects

Saturday 18th November 2017
Workshop with Max Hale
Interiors with Ambiance in watercolour or acrylic


16 January Soraya French Spring Flowers and Landscape. Mixed Media

20 February Angela Corben Towards Abstraction. Angela will show the stages of abstracting a traditional photographic scene by using a series of composition sketches, and will then demonstrate the process of building up a layered acrylic painting. Medium- acrylic

19 March Jake Winkle Going wild with watercolour. Simplifying animals with expressive watercolours. Medium- watercolour

Saturday 15th October 2016- Sarah Janavicius- Textures in the Landscape

Saturday 19th November 2016- Jamel Akib- Figure painting in Pastel with a Life Model


17th January- Max Hale- Portrait with Live sitter using Acrylic or Watercolour

21st February- Wendy Jelbert- Acrylic Adventures- scenes with atmospheric and moody effects and texture

1st March-Jamel Akib- Movement and Dance using Oil and/ or Pastel

17 October 2015- Barry Freeman- Landscape for the Adventurous, abstract or semi-abstract. Any Media.
Members are invited to bring along 2 ‘problem’ paintings which Barry will help turnaround into exciting pieces of work.

21 November 2015 Laurence Belbin Coastal – cliffs, beach, harbours, boats, shells and pebbles, sea and waves. Media- oils and acrylics.